Finally Friday Almost Saturday!

Wow I am really behind on getting out my posts for Ozzie's blog. He told me that if had thumbs he would type it himself! Sorry Oz man! 
Today while I was waiting in the doctor's office (nothing serious folks, just a check up!) I was reading the Readers Digest. There was a great article in it called" 50 Secrets Your Vet Won't Tell You". I found some of the "secrets" very thought provoking. I guess there are good vets and not so good vets but for the most part you don't go into it for the money. It's for the love of animals! Ozzie really likes his veterinarian, Dr. Tracey! Except when she comes at him with a needle! One wouldn't think he could feel much through that hide of his! I like her too, she is very caring and informative. Ozzie's eyes were getting a case of conjunctivitis, a passage of Spring around here! She prescribed some ointment for them yesterday that I picked up. Of course if this doesn't improve things he will definitely go in for a visit. (Much to Oz's chagrin!)
Anyway I have provided a link to the article, I think all pet parents should read it!

Here is wishing you a relaxing weekend! Let's hope it warms up around here soon!

Ciao, bow wow! (That's an Ozzie sign off!)


  1. Oh, I hope that Ozzie's eyes are better soon. Spring allergies are very difficult. Both Blog Mom and I have been having troubles with them, too.

    Thank you for posting that article. Blog Mom said she learned some things from it.

    1. Glad you found the article interesting. Feel better with the allergy malaise! Nice to see you back!


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