Ozzie VS. The Miele Cat and Dog

Over the weekend we went out and purchased a new vacuum.  I had researched all the different brands touted as "animal vacuums" and this one came up as the most effective upright to battle pet hair. It is the Miele Cat and Dog. With a powerful 12 amp motor and sturdy sleek design it should be a challenging foe to wandering dog hairs! The Dyson 41 Animal came in a close second for me. It got good customer reviews and was at the same price point as the Miele. But when I saw it in the store it has an awkward profile which  would make it hard to get under furniture and it was all plastic in comparison to the Miele which is of a sturdy design (German made superior quality!) and the Meile has a 7 year warranty compared to the Dyson 5 year. The only drawbacks I am seeing for the Miele is that it's heavy. So for those who lack any upper body strength you may want to pass on it. Also the Cat & Dog uses bags opposed to the Dyson which has a dirt canister that you empty. Though the bags leave less mess when emptying out they are a bit pricey to purchase at four bags for 18.00. I have been told that the bag takes a while to full so maybe it won't be that costly in the long run!
Ozzie doesn't seem to mind the new addition to my cleaning arsenal. It has a quiet motor and does not disturb Ozzie's power naps one bit! Hopefully the fur will not be flying high as it once was and I won't be finding dog hair in my shoes anymore!


  1. Miele really is the best! We are a household big on pets 2 dogs, 1 cat (they get on surprisingly well together!)

    We used to have a real problem cleaning up after them as our old Sebo would pick up only half the dropped hair. When we got our Miele Cat & Dog it was a revelation our carpers have never looked so clean. Would recommend to anyone pets or not - a quality vacuum!


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