Finally Friday the 13th!

So we have all made it to a conclusion of another week! The weekend holds promise of bright sunshine and warm temps! I suspect there will be a lot of sunbathing on the deck going on. At least for Ozzie!

Friday the 13th makes the rounds 3 times this calendar year. There was one in January and another will rear its superstitious head in July. I myself try to look upon it as somewhat of a lucky omen. Though there was a ladder outside the door at work today that I precariously avoided and I suspect someone will eventually call me out on the four leaf clover I hold dear in my wallet! Ozzie on the other hand thinks nothing of superstitions and just looks at the day as another Friday which he will get some left over pizza crust as usual! 

Here is wishing you all out there the best of luck on this Friday 13th!

Looks like the 4th,13th and 14th floors are missing here in this Shanghai elevator. It even has a negative One floor! They must have some issues there with those numbers?!


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