Finally Saturday! Oops!

Sorry all those who follow with any kind of regularity. I usually post on Fridays. "Finally Fridays" but had to go into work early yesterday. Believe me I rather be home at the computer with Ozzie at my side than work any day but one needs to make some hay while the sun shines or doesn't in this case! We are bracing for some weekend heavy rains which are really needed here in the NY/NJ metro area, where it has been exceptionally dry!

You all have a chance to vote for Ozzie in a contest held by artist Susan Tantlinger. She will paint a picture for free of the bulldog who's photo has the most "Like"'s on her Facebook page. There are so many pics of some really good looking bullies so its going to be a tight race! Below is the link where you can look for the Oz. It's the same picture I have up for today's post. 

This weekend I am going to make Ozzie some turkey meatballs. I am going to give them an extra nutritional edge by sauteing some spinach in EVOO and adding it to the ground turkey with some egg. Simply form the mixture into golf size meatballs and bake them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes until done. Served cooled with some kibble and life is good!

Enjoy and vote! Thanks!


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