Squeak Toy of the Week

Plush toys with squeakers are exciting fun for most dogs. The squeaker noise mimics the sound of prey that is going down for the count that dogs instinctively relate to. There are a couple problems with these type of toys. Number one is that the squeaker can be ripped out by a more aggressive pup and present a choking hazard! Number two, when the squeaker itself gets punctured it no longer works and the toy is not that interesting any more. I found a toy online that seems to be built tough with squeakers that even when punctured by your dogs choppers still keep on squeaking away! It's called Kyjen Invincibles Snake.
I think its worth a try since most of Ozzie's toys end up in his toy bucket never to see the light of day again. What's another 17.00 dollars?! 
Below is a link to a demonstration of the squeaker snake toy that seems impressive in terms of durability.

"Almost have this one done in!"


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