Monday, August 31, 2009

Weighing In!

When Ozzie came to us he was already a little on the ahhh...let's say chunky side! Certainly at his prior home he wasn't starved! As I have mentioned before he doesn't care for going on walks! In matter of fact he just flat out hates them. As soon as we walk out the door he plants his feet firmly on the ground and assumes the position of " I ain't gonna do it!" I have been trying to keep him on a "diet" of sorts. Reduced calorie kibble and snacks like canned pumpkin, non-fat cottage cheese. The vet pointed out that Milk Bones where high in fat so we found low fat chicken jerky! Ozzie does not seem to be the least bit phased by his portly physique! He probably refers to himself as "big boned". I came across a bulldog that may be a little bit heavier than Oz! Frankly I hope this is a result of Photo Shop not gluttony! I showed this to Ozzie and told him "You don't' want to look like this do you boy?" That should scare anyone skinny! Well today we are going to drop by his veterinarian to check on his weight, so keep your fingers crossed that we may have dropped a pound not gained one!

Friday, August 28, 2009

EveryOne into the Pool!

With the waning days of summer we all try to get one more day at the beach or the pool into our schedule. I have found out that though bulldogs are not known to be swimmers there are many bullies out there that do enjoy the water! Friends Don and Melinda had Bullet who couldn't wait to go for a swim in the lake or at the ocean. They said he would swim out to Cuba if he could. He especially liked to body surf! Monty from the bulldog rescue has Ruby and a French bulldog Frankie and a pug, Adrienne that all adore the water. They were upstate NY by Lake Placid this month where they all got their paws wet. He does have a life jacket ( which is recommended ) for Ruby but she prefers to skinny dip, so they have to be very watchful when she is in the water! Now as for Ozzie I have my doubts. The fact that he is a wee bit over weight certainly doesn't make him the most buoyant bully around! Just taking him for a walk around the block is a challenge. Besides I don't think that bulldogs are ergonomically designed for water. They are kind of shaped like an anvil. I could just see Ozzie heading straight for the bottom at record speed! I have considered going out and purchasing one of those plastic kiddie pools for the Oz. Knowing him he probably think it was one giant water dish! Oh well we may just be spending the rest of the summer in the shade taking power naps!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Walk in the Bark Park

We have discovered a dog park located in the near by town of Ridgewood called the "Bark Park". I suppose most towns have caught onto this trend by making a space for dogs to run leash free in public parks. They divide it up, one side for small dogs ( up to 25 pounds ) and the other side for the big boys. We trotted Ozzie in there the other day and found a whole social network going on for dogs and their owners! Oz made the rounds with the usual doggie greeting! After sufficient butt sniffing he began to pee on anything vertical. An excited Golden Retriever came up to him as if to say " hey you wanna play with me?!" but Ozzie just plumped his rear end down on the ground and looked away. I in the meanwhile was talking with the doggie parents about what kind of food they feed their "babies" and which vacuum picks up the most fur. I definitely felt like I was part of the social click going on there, while Ozzie was not feeling the love! He was just standing there looking bored ( if dogs can look bored I suppose?!) "Well I guess it's time for us to go" I said to my new found friends. That was when Ozzie decided it was time to relieve himself of a two days worth of kibble! "Oz,don't do that" I shouted! Well there is no stopping mother nature! Luckily they supply poop bags there! We left with Oz and the big bag of dog doo. I guess that was less then fun for him. I was kind of enjoying it! Maybe we will try another dog park one day where they won't know to refer to him as the "dumper"!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You must catch Ozzie who's pictures are featured on another blog today! The site is . I found it to be a neat place to get some bulldog information and enjoy the bully antics of Kennedy and Reagan. I'll be back tomorrow with a post titled "A Walk in the Bark Park". Stay cool you bullies!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Trails to Dad!

Yesterday we had a big send off party for my Dad who has finally decided to retire at age 80! He is moving out to Oregon to live with his sister Marie on a 40 acre ranch. I don't know if you could qualify it as a ranch but she does have 3 horses, 2 cats and a toy poodle named Molly! Unfortunately it rained on and off as remnants of Hurricane Bill blew past the east coast so it was largely an indoor event. It got kinda hot and sticky in the house even though we had the air on down to 60 degrees! We had a good sized crowd and with the stove going it was sauna like. As you can imagine it was not a good hair day! Thank God my cousin Annie is a caterer who specializes in barbecue was on hand to help me pull off this gig ( to whom I give my gratitude. Otherwise we all just be eating hot dogs and hamburgers with Shop-Rite potato salad) ! On the menu was barbecued brisket, pulled pork, potato salad, pasta salad, steamed clams, linguine and crab sauce ( to die for! ) and desserts that I will still be eating come this weekend unless I fall into a diabetic coma before that! Though the party was for Dad at times it was Ozzie who was the center of attention! Many of our friends had not yet seen Ozzie so it was a coming out party for him. Ozzie didn't have to do much to elicit folks to eww and ahhh over him. Most of the day he lied smack dab in the middle of the kitchen with his tongue hanging out! What a sight. I only tripped over him 23 times! My father received a lot of well wishes and gifts but I think Ozzie had his share of "gifts" too! My husband fed him enough brisket to serve a family of four with. As for my nieces and nephews no telling how many Doritos they ended up giving him! At the end of the evening Dad was very post party happy. Ozzie too had this very contented look on his face as he slipped off into his doggie slumber for the night!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Burn Baby Burn!

Yes it looks like a disco inferno took place on our lawn! Our backyard while not spacious was once a lush healthy green! This morning while I gaze across the landscape I see a big yellow patch of what was once grass. Ozzie's preference is to take his daily pees in the privacy of his yard. While this makes it easier on us and him ( he rather not walk if at all possible! ) its created a problem I cannot remedy! It's lawn burn in the first degree and there are some solutions I found on the Internet. One should saturate the area with water every time they urinate. ( Well our back yard hose is not working and I be darned if I am gonna drag the hose out from the front each time he pees. I'll just pray for rain! ) You can plant urine resistant grasses such as rye and fescues ( My husband fired the landscaper because he thought he could do just as good of a job. Needless to say the lawn hasn't been the same since. He couldn't get weeds to grow! ) There are pro-biotic compounds on the market such as Dogonit, which has natural enzymes in it that speed up the break down of urine. ( Can't I save a dime and use baking soda?! I thought that works wonders on everything?!) We are having a BBQ this Sunday. I suppose I could throw a big tarp on the spot and set up the bar area there. I will then pray that it's not too hot and folks won't notice it smells like a port a potty spilled its guts out! If any of you have any suggestions please don't be shy and leave a comment! Have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Boys of Moonshine

I happened to be watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel the other day when they had a most interesting episode! He and Anthony Bourdain another Travel Channel Chef/celeb went local and visited a bar in the Redhook section of Brooklyn called Moonshine. The element that caught my attention was the place is patrolled by two bulldogs! It's a regulars joint that features country bands and bulldog decor and you can play pool for free on Sundays! They serve a lot of locally brewed beers and there is an unspoiled charm about it! They have a neat garden area in the back where they supply the grill if you supply the meat. BYOM! I emailed Nick who owns the adorable bullies and he told me their names are Boss and Topper. They are 10 years old and brothers! I think we will try to make it there if only just to visit the bullies! In the meanwhile if you have a hankering for beer and do it yourself BBQ with a shot of bulldogs then take a trip out to Brooklyn and stop by Moonshine. Tell Boss and Topper Ozzie says "hey"!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Sleeping may be the favorite past time of the bulldog! They do it so well and with such style! Nothing is more soothing to my ears than the full throttle, 500 decibel, ear crushing snore of my Ozzie! I have updated the video bar with some of Ozzie's brethren cutting wood like only bullies can. I wonder if Breathe Right has a canine strip! They could make a bundle just from Bulldog owners! Sweet dreams all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thinking About Adopting?!

I just wanted to take time to thank the folks at the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue! This is where we adopted Ozzie from! They work tirelessly to rescue and find homes for bulldogs that have been surrendered to them. Many need immediate veterinary care! One of the principal members Joanne has even driven down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to rescue a bully who had severe injuries to his legs! If that is not love and dedication I don't know what is! So if you decide you want to become a parent to a bully and live in the NJ/PA/MD/DE area please contact MABD.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vick Still One Up on His Dogs

After serving 18 months in prison and his personal lost of millions, Michael Vick gets a second chance for fame and fortune with the NFL. Signed on for a 1 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles at 1.6 million dollars and an option for a second year he is doing better than he should!

It always amazes me that society seems to reward those that do not deserve it. I guess in this case money talks and the NFL still sees Vick as a big bonanza of revenue! For a man who had every thing and ventured in the dog fighting arena shows a lack of intelligence and humanity!

An on line pet store called Hot Dog Collars which specializes in sports team themed pet products has recently discontinued selling Eagles pet paraphernalia. They now accept donations to the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Bravo! Hopefully the rest of the city of brotherly love will turn their backs on Vick! He may have paid his dues to society but to dog lovers the score will never be settled!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sharing Some Bull with Friends

What a wonderful community of folks Bulldog owners are! I know some people, friends of a friend that have been emailing me with Bulldog tips. They are on Bulldog number three so I consider them experts of sort! I would like to share with you their advice since I have found it most insightful. So here are some excerpts from Don & Melinda out of Texas:

If you are talking about the fold of skin across the top of his nose, that is called his “rope.” Actually, we just learned that when we got our new puppy (Walter). His brother had a very prominent rope and they sometimes need to be removed or trimmed down. As for walks, ours love to go for walks but they have to be very short ones. The biggest fear you have with bullies is that they overheat. They love to lay in the sun but can unknowingly get heat stroke while doing that so don’t let them do anything in the sun for any length of time. Too much cold can mess with them, too. For such big, burly dogs, they can be quite fragile. We have never had a problem with it but most bullies have to have their face crevices and wrinkles cleaned often or they essentially mildew, so that’s another thing to watch out for.

BIG CONCERN: Bulldogs have very high tolerances for pain. When Bullet and Blossom were “fixed” they weren’t even given pain pills because they just don’t do that with bullies. In fact, we had no idea that Bullet was in pain until it was too late. So, keep a close eye on Ozzie and know that he will probably just ignore something that would have another breed whining and crying.

I may have mentioned this but, if not, we just got the AKC papers back on Walter and it turns out that he is the half-nephew of our beloved first Bulldog, Bullet. Bullet’s father was Walter’s grandfather.

I have attached photos of Bullet (75 or so pounds of sweet, loving, slobber-making, solid muscle bulldog), Blossom (64 pounds of high-jumping, lizard and squirrel-chasing, not afraid of anything, non-slobbering little girl), and Walter, a rather stoic but very sweet 4 month old 35 pounder that can’t seem to get the knack of being housebroken, yet. The shot of Walter is from when he was about 8 weeks old.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Working it!

It is going to be a chore to get Ozzie to lose some tonnage! He really detests to walk and he really loves to eat! We have tried nonfat plain yogurt to nonfat cottage cheese to only the whites of his morning hard boiled egg! He does manage to get anything that hits the floor food or otherwise. However he seems to have a penchant for paper which probably is zero points according to Weight Watchers! We saw that he was unusually rambunctious tonight so we decided to try going for a walk. We went down the cross streets which are shorter blocks for his sake. He begrudgingly waddled along for a bit and then the smells of an impending rainstorm and dog urine got him going! As we got to end of the third block we feared that he we would have to carry him back or call a cab! Luckily a terrier came along and then a pug which enticed him to follow along leading us back to the house! He has been sucking wind for the last 30 minutes but I think it's a good start to a slimmer Ozzie!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coming Clean

This installment is not a tell all. Unless knowing that I stole Beth Silverberg's pen in the third grade does something for you! She was a know it all and teacher's pet anyways! Actually we gave Ozzie a bath yesterday since it was super hot here and an opportunity to wash and dry in the outdoors! He was surprisingly cooperative! Or it may have been fear that kept him frozen to one spot! He was very dapper looking after his drenching! I believe he smells a little less "doggie"! Though you need to be mindful to not get your bully's eyes, ears and nose wet. It is suggested to clean his face separately which we all do daily anyways. Curious enough due to their upturned noses water can easily enter the nose and drip into the lungs. A Bulldog can drown in a relatively small amount of water so be careful not to get water in his nose! I told my son this while were bathing him and he looked at me like I was totally paranoid! "I rather be safe than sorry I told him, maybe that is why you made it to 23 years old!"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Ozzie

If it smells like it!

Dog Tags Chewy Shoe

Yesterday I was watching Oprah and ( oops you caught me yes I admit to becoming an Oprah junkie! ) and they were doing a show on animals and our relationships with them. They had a segment that was on "Puppies Behind Bars" an organization that has inmates training puppies to become service dogs for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. What a wonderful situation for those men! Doing time, behind bars and feeling hopeless in a sense and then being given an opportunity to give back to society! These inmates whom I am sure have lead less than stellar lives are for the first time feeling good about themselves while having the companionship of a dog and the knowledge that they are doing something of value! The soldiers that receive these dogs some with physical disabilities or emotional are getting back to good with the aid of these animals. The actress Glenn Close was on and endorsing this program while encouraging folks to purchase the Dog tag Chewy Shoe toy. It's made of non-toxic rubber and from the same molds that are used to make the soles of military boots. I think it's a nice way to honor the sacrifice made by our guys and gals in the military and with a portion ($2.00) going to the Puppies Behind Bars program its a worth while buy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weighing in on Ozzie

We were lucky to receive Ozzie is such good health. At 2 years old he is a vigorous strapping example of a Bulldog. He did however test positive for Lyme's disease with a high bacterial count so our vet put him on doxycycline for 21 days. He had no outward symptoms and has completed his meds so he is in the clear. It's been a damp summer to say the least and ticks and mosquitoes have flourished! Oz does need to lose weight however! He should weigh in around 65 pounds or so and currently is tipping the scale at 74.6 pounds. When he went to the vets for a recheck on Monday he was down a whole pound! So give credit its due! It's a challenge to get him to slim down especially since he detests to do any walking. If he could he would request the town move the fire hydrant from our corner to in front of our house! It is simply exhausting! Maybe with our new goal for training for the Canine Good Citizen's Test we can work on the walking thing! We thought his would be a good challenge to segue into therapy dog training. A new friend we have made through the Bulldog Rescue, Debbie, is involved with her bully Knuckles, as a therapy dog and visits hospitals and the like with him! Knuckles ( that is him looking dapper in his hat ) has also participated in reading programs for children at local libraries. The kids get to read their hearts out to a nonjudgmental Knuckles who attentively listens. ( maybe while taking a snooze or two! ) This has got to be a win win situation for all. I hope I can get Ozzie to cooperate with me on this one. I think he would be idea for this except for his lack of desire to walk with me! We will work on this and report back our progress. In the meanwhile if you want to read the comments left by Don and Melinda on the Ozzie birthday post you will find some very sage advice on bulldogs and a laugh or two. Thank you for your words of bully wisdom!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Skateboarding doggie

I put some video up of Tillman the now famous skateboarding Bulldog. He is a trip to watch! Ozzie's comment was that Tillman was a show off and he could do that with his eyes close taking his afternoon nap at the same time! The only part I believe is the afternoon nap which he is an expert at. Not to mention the morning nap too!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Shopping Spree with the OZ

For Ozzie's birthday we took him to Petsmart to get some needed supplies. I always thought that the folks who took their dogs to the pet store were a little wacky and I would never engage in such foolishness! Well I guess I have joined the ranks of the wacky! Yes with Ozzie in tow we were on our way! Oz seems to be a celebrity of sorts because every time we have been there the cashier and clerks rush up to him! ( No autographs please! ) The one cashier, Lisa, keeps his picture on her cellphone and greets him with "How is my Ozzie boy today?!" He is very cool and casual around other dogs in the store. He shows initial interest and after the typical canine greetings goes on his way!
Today we were looking for a pet ramp for him. He is a big boy and at 73 pounds larger than your average male bully! I definitely cannot pick him up without the aid of a crane and get him into our SUV so someone had suggested a ramp!
As Mark went to search for this I stood by the check out line with Ozzie who then decided to lift his leg and relieve himself on a customer's purchase! (
It was one of those plastic container that holds dog food,Oops!) . I profusely apologized to the man and the cashier Lisa cleaned it up with some paper towel! ( Ewww just get a new one! )
We ended up with a plastic ramp that folds in half. It lightweight and seems sturdy enough with a weight limit of 200 pounds! (If we need more than that we are in trouble or transporting pot belly pigs!) As soon as we got into the parking lot my husband decided to give the ramp a test run. We removed it from the box and leaned into the back of the back of our Murano. With some coaxing and pushing Ozzie walked up the ramp. "See how easy it is!" Mark announced proudly. Well lets what happens when I need to do it on my own. Maybe if I put a roasted chicken at the top of the ramp he will go for it!
Ozzie was quite content with himself and the days purchases! We left Petsmart with 30 pounds of reduced calorie dog food the ramp, assorted toys and treats to the tune of 182.00! Life is good Oz! Happy birthday boy!