A Walk in the Bark Park

We have discovered a dog park located in the near by town of Ridgewood called the "Bark Park". I suppose most towns have caught onto this trend by making a space for dogs to run leash free in public parks. They divide it up, one side for small dogs ( up to 25 pounds ) and the other side for the big boys. We trotted Ozzie in there the other day and found a whole social network going on for dogs and their owners! Oz made the rounds with the usual doggie greeting! After sufficient butt sniffing he began to pee on anything vertical. An excited Golden Retriever came up to him as if to say " hey you wanna play with me?!" but Ozzie just plumped his rear end down on the ground and looked away. I in the meanwhile was talking with the doggie parents about what kind of food they feed their "babies" and which vacuum picks up the most fur. I definitely felt like I was part of the social click going on there, while Ozzie was not feeling the love! He was just standing there looking bored ( if dogs can look bored I suppose?!) "Well I guess it's time for us to go" I said to my new found friends. That was when Ozzie decided it was time to relieve himself of a two days worth of kibble! "Oz,don't do that" I shouted! Well there is no stopping mother nature! Luckily they supply poop bags there! We left with Oz and the big bag of dog doo. I guess that was less then fun for him. I was kind of enjoying it! Maybe we will try another dog park one day where they won't know to refer to him as the "dumper"!


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