The Boys of Moonshine

I happened to be watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel the other day when they had a most interesting episode! He and Anthony Bourdain another Travel Channel Chef/celeb went local and visited a bar in the Redhook section of Brooklyn called Moonshine. The element that caught my attention was the place is patrolled by two bulldogs! It's a regulars joint that features country bands and bulldog decor and you can play pool for free on Sundays! They serve a lot of locally brewed beers and there is an unspoiled charm about it! They have a neat garden area in the back where they supply the grill if you supply the meat. BYOM! I emailed Nick who owns the adorable bullies and he told me their names are Boss and Topper. They are 10 years old and brothers! I think we will try to make it there if only just to visit the bullies! In the meanwhile if you have a hankering for beer and do it yourself BBQ with a shot of bulldogs then take a trip out to Brooklyn and stop by Moonshine. Tell Boss and Topper Ozzie says "hey"!


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