Burn Baby Burn!

Yes it looks like a disco inferno took place on our lawn! Our backyard while not spacious was once a lush healthy green! This morning while I gaze across the landscape I see a big yellow patch of what was once grass. Ozzie's preference is to take his daily pees in the privacy of his yard. While this makes it easier on us and him ( he rather not walk if at all possible! ) its created a problem I cannot remedy! It's lawn burn in the first degree and there are some solutions I found on the Internet. One should saturate the area with water every time they urinate. ( Well our back yard hose is not working and I be darned if I am gonna drag the hose out from the front each time he pees. I'll just pray for rain! ) You can plant urine resistant grasses such as rye and fescues ( My husband fired the landscaper because he thought he could do just as good of a job. Needless to say the lawn hasn't been the same since. He couldn't get weeds to grow! ) There are pro-biotic compounds on the market such as Dogonit, which has natural enzymes in it that speed up the break down of urine. ( Can't I save a dime and use baking soda?! I thought that works wonders on everything?!) We are having a BBQ this Sunday. I suppose I could throw a big tarp on the spot and set up the bar area there. I will then pray that it's not too hot and folks won't notice it smells like a port a potty spilled its guts out! If any of you have any suggestions please don't be shy and leave a comment! Have a good weekend all!


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