Dog Tags Chewy Shoe

Yesterday I was watching Oprah and ( oops you caught me yes I admit to becoming an Oprah junkie! ) and they were doing a show on animals and our relationships with them. They had a segment that was on "Puppies Behind Bars" an organization that has inmates training puppies to become service dogs for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. What a wonderful situation for those men! Doing time, behind bars and feeling hopeless in a sense and then being given an opportunity to give back to society! These inmates whom I am sure have lead less than stellar lives are for the first time feeling good about themselves while having the companionship of a dog and the knowledge that they are doing something of value! The soldiers that receive these dogs some with physical disabilities or emotional are getting back to good with the aid of these animals. The actress Glenn Close was on and endorsing this program while encouraging folks to purchase the Dog tag Chewy Shoe toy. It's made of non-toxic rubber and from the same molds that are used to make the soles of military boots. I think it's a nice way to honor the sacrifice made by our guys and gals in the military and with a portion ($2.00) going to the Puppies Behind Bars program its a worth while buy!


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