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A Tail Not To Be Forgotten

I always considered Ozzie's tail very handsome and noble looking. He has a screw tail that sits very nicely on the back of his bulldog behind. I found out recently that the screw tail is not the desired tail for an English Bulldog. It should be straight. I was quite surprised thinking all this time that Ozzie was the perfect Bulldog in every way. However I don't care. I like it and Ozzie wears it well.
If you got it, flaunt it as mother would always say. "Right Ozzie" Arf!
Tail Problems: A true bulldog tail is a dream to look after, ideally he should have a nice straight spiked tail, moderate in length, that can be easily lifted away from the body - however, screw tails in bulldogs are not uncommon (many people assume the bulldog should have a screw tail which is not correct) and this and/or an inverted tail (where the tail is growing back into the body) can cause your bulldog a few problems. You should endeavour to keep tight tails clean and DRY, but if this proves to…

Finally Friday and Ozzie's New Vest

We made it through another week! Ozzie is a little down because his Pop went on a ski trip with the guys for a few days and he is missing him. At least we received a package in the mail yesterday for Ozzie that might make him smile. It is a fleece vest specially tailored just for the Oz. We ordered it through Bully Couture by Mugzy. They make fleece vests especially for bulldogs! They have some wonderful fleece prints with that would suit any bulldogs taste.Since Ozzie is a little larger than the average bulldog I had to take measurements and let them know what his specs were. I guess I messed up on the measuring because when it first arrived and I tried it on Ozzie it was way too big! I guess that goes to prove why I got a D in sewing in Home Ec class! I returned the vest with the new measurements and with that they made the alterations and it fits fine. It just needs to get back to winter weather so he can wear it a bit. It was in the 50's today, hardly winter like!
Here is hop…

Cleaning up After You Know Who!

So I am desperately trying to vacuum up all the dogs hairs that end up in the "Ozzie couch" when guess who comes along and attempts to commandeer it away from me.
"Ozzie can you wait just 5 minutes please, then it will be all dog hair free so you can start the process from scratch!"
Ah, a bulldog mom's work is never done! Now I am off to pick up poop in the yard!

The Land of Ice and Snow..For the Moment

Ozzie is taking no chance of feeling the cold while he naps!

What a weekend! First on Saturday we had our first snow of the winter 2011-2012 season. I was beginning to think that I was living in North Carolina or some point south! We totaled about 4 inches of snow while parts further north racked up 7 or so inches of the white stuff. Ozzie did his usual dance of the snow fairies and ate his fair share of it! Then on Sunday we watched the play off game for the NFC between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers. It was a close game that went into over time and the Giants were victorious by a field goal! Ozzie was happy for the Giants but more happier that he was the recipient of pizza crust and Swiss cheese and whatever other snacks he could beg off of our guests! The Giants are off to battle the Patriots in Indianapolis and hopefully will have a repeat of 2008 when they won and snatched the Super Bowl title from the Patriots!
Speaking of snow and ice I wanted to comment about u…

Finally Friday and Bulldog Bending it Like Beckham

Another weekend has arrived and it looks like we are finally about to get some snow in the New York metropolitan area. There hasn't been a hint of the white stuff since the end of October (which was unusual in itself!) I got kind of use to not having to deal with shoveling or clearing off snow from the car and its a darn shame its coming to an end. Ozzie does however miss romping in the piles of snow and eating it like it was some kind of magical treat that falls from the sky! Though I don't think we will get much here he will have a chance to do some romping!
Speaking of romping, Ozzie has taken to the soccer ball lately. He was having some fun yesterday chasing it around and occasionally taking the whole thing in his mouth and running (well maybe more like trotting) to the goal line. There may be a future for Ozzie in soccer. Though he would have to play the goalie position since he gets winded too easily!
With true winter weather on the horizon here are some cold weather ti…

An Important Video and Go Giants on MLK Day

Good Monday morning. I am sure there are plenty of happy Giant fans in the New York metropolitan area today! Sorry Green Bay!
I found a YouTube video on another bulldog buddy's Facebook page. It was all about CPR for bulldogs. A very helpful instructional video to watch just in case a situation ever presents itself where you might need it. I will post it here so you can watch it when you have a moment.
Speaking of unconscious, Ozzie looks pretty out of it after tailgating at home for the football games. He might of had one meatball too many last night. Luckily nothing much is going on today so he can take it easy! ( When doesn't he? )
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr today!

Finally Friday and Wrinkles that are Right!

Well Ozzie survived the vet the other day! He pulled his usual standing by the door ready to make a break for it stunt! We had to trick Ozzie with a treat to get his attention away from the needle she had to jab in his back end! Oh well! Dr Tracey noted how dry Ozzie's wrinkles were and asked me how did I manage to keep them that way. She said that some of her bulldog patients have wrinkles that are practically stuck together with all the moisture and yuck that builds up in there. I admitted that I was obsessive compulsive about wiping Ozzie's face. I told her he gets his face cleaned in the morning with a unscented baby wipe with aloe and during the day I chase him around with tissues to wipe away any excess moisture. Oz has had some redness by the top corner of his left eye lately so she gave us some panalog cream to treat it with. Its an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal cream. It seem to be working well so far. I have read about this cream on line and probably should of asked my…

Bulldogs and Broccoli

I came across a question raised about broccoli the other day and dogs. Now every time I steam some broccoli there is Ozzie looking for his usual hand out. He loves the stuff. The only reservation I have about it is giving him too much since if not well cooked its not the most digestible friendly food and we do not need to encourage gas in a bulldog! So when I read on this particular post on Facebook that broccoli was toxic to dogs I was surprised! I took to the internet and found some information on the subject and the consensus is that broccoli in small portions will not effect your pup in a negative way. Its only if it is more than 10 % of your dogs diet that it becomes a problem to their digestive system. Quite honestly I don't think Ozzie gets that much broccoli in a year that could add up to 10 % of his diet!
I found an informative site that lists items that are toxic to dogs along with a list of plants that are toxic as well. It also mentions potato peels are toxic. Not tha…

Finally Friday and Green Eyed Ozzie

Look at me, look at me! I am your favorite!

Last night we were having a delightful family dinner that included a visit from my son Will. Turkey meatloaf and mash potatoes were on the menu. Definitely comfort food on a Winter evening. Afterwards, Will and I were on the computer looking at some funny YouTube videos and sharing a laugh or two when Ozzie decided to interrupt. He starting barking his head off and when that didn't result in enough attention he started biting at my pant leg. From there he just went all out bulldog crazy trying to get me to play with him. It was kind of amusing until Ozzie just got himself so winded that he had to stop.
After Will left I was talking with my husband and we came to the conclusion that Ozzie is definitely jealous of Will and demands my attention. That accounts for him attacking Will at the door when he comes to the house, which has simmered down a bit. Will now comes to the door with treats to give him as he walks in which seems to defuse th…

Wordless Wednesday and Ozzie Missing Mom?

"Where is that woman, I'm hungry?"

Ozzie's Mom Back to Work!

More cottage cheese Ma?

Tomorrow I start a new part time job. Ozzie doesn't know it yet but his mom will be deserting him 4 hours a day. Hopefully I will be leaving during his morning nap and by the time I get home in the early afternoon he will just be getting up and around and never notice that I was gone! This may be a big change for Ozzie who is the most spoiled bulldog ever. I wasn't at home as much with my son as he was growing up! Besides he still has Grandpa at home to tend to his needs.
Any way life won't be that much different for the Oz as opposed to his mom. I need to find more that my Nikes and clogs to wear on my feet each day now. Back to shoes with a heel! Oh my poor feet!