Finally Friday and Bulldog Bending it Like Beckham

Another weekend has arrived and it looks like we are finally about to get some snow in the New York metropolitan area. There hasn't been a hint of the white stuff since the end of October (which was unusual in itself!) I got kind of use to not having to deal with shoveling or clearing off snow from the car and its a darn shame its coming to an end. Ozzie does however miss romping in the piles of snow and eating it like it was some kind of magical treat that falls from the sky! Though I don't think we will get much here he will have a chance to do some romping!

Speaking of romping, Ozzie has taken to the soccer ball lately. He was having some fun yesterday chasing it around and occasionally taking the whole thing in his mouth and running (well maybe more like trotting) to the goal line. There may be a future for Ozzie in soccer. Though he would have to play the goalie position since he gets winded too easily!

With true winter weather on the horizon here are some cold weather tips for your pets from the ASPCA. Please visit the site when you have a moment:

On a closing note the Giants are one game away from the Super Bowl as they prepare to play the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. I am sure sport bars in the area will be packed with fans rooting for their home team. Mayor Bloomberg has a wager with San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee. If the Giants win they will drape banners on a trolley car from the New York team and if the 49ers win Bloomberg will rename 49th Street to 49ers Street and send a dozen bagels from a bagel shop in Queens to Mayor Lee. Lets just hope to see that banner with the Giants name hanging proudly from a trolley on Monday morning!

Go Giants!


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