Finally Friday and Ozzie's New Vest

We made it through another week! Ozzie is a little down because his Pop went on a ski trip with the guys for a few days and he is missing him. At least we received a package in the mail yesterday for Ozzie that might make him smile. It is a fleece vest specially tailored just for the Oz. We ordered it through Bully Couture by Mugzy. They make fleece vests especially for bulldogs! They have some wonderful fleece prints with that would suit any bulldogs taste.
Since Ozzie is a little larger than the average bulldog I had to take measurements and let them know what his specs were. I guess I messed up on the measuring because when it first arrived and I tried it on Ozzie it was way too big! I guess that goes to prove why I got a D in sewing in Home Ec class! I returned the vest with the new measurements and with that they made the alterations and it fits fine. It just needs to get back to winter weather so he can wear it a bit. It was in the 50's today, hardly winter like!

Here is hoping you have a wonderful weekend.......right Oz? Sorry Ozzie is staring at the door for the moment ( wishful that his Pop will enter it?) but he sure looks handsome in his new vest!


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