Bulldogs and Broccoli

I came across a question raised about broccoli the other day and dogs. Now every time I steam some broccoli there is Ozzie looking for his usual hand out. He loves the stuff. The only reservation I have about it is giving him too much since if not well cooked its not the most digestible friendly food and we do not need to encourage gas in a bulldog! So when I read on this particular post on Facebook that broccoli was toxic to dogs I was surprised! I took to the internet and found some information on the subject and the consensus is that broccoli in small portions will not effect your pup in a negative way. Its only if it is more than 10 % of your dogs diet that it becomes a problem to their digestive system. Quite honestly I don't think Ozzie gets that much broccoli in a year that could add up to 10 % of his diet!

I found an informative site that lists items that are toxic to dogs along with a list of plants that are toxic as well. It also mentions potato peels are toxic. Not that I ever gave him that but I was not aware about that one too!

Later today Ozzie has to go to the vet for his Rabies vaccination. It is dog licensing time and since his shot expires in 2012 we have to re-vaccinate him so he is fully protected for the licensing year. Ozzie will not be happy about this. I am not mentioning it to him until its time to go later on. Wish Ozzie (and me) luck!


  1. Thanks for this website! We do a lot of feeding off our plate, so its good to double check our knowledge.
    Good luck with the rabies shot. Hudson doesn't usually mind. Vet=attention=fun. He's a simple boy... :)


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