A Tail Not To Be Forgotten

I always considered Ozzie's tail very handsome and noble looking. He has a screw tail that sits very nicely on the back of his bulldog behind. I found out recently that the screw tail is not the desired tail for an English Bulldog. It should be straight. I was quite surprised thinking all this time that Ozzie was the perfect Bulldog in every way. However I don't care. I like it and Ozzie wears it well.

If you got it, flaunt it as mother would always say. "Right Ozzie" Arf!

Tail Problems: A true bulldog tail is a dream to look after, ideally he should have a nice straight spiked tail, moderate in length, that can be easily lifted away from the body - however, screw tails in bulldogs are not uncommon (many people assume the bulldog should have a screw tail which is not correct) and this and/or an inverted tail (where the tail is growing back into the body) can cause your bulldog a few problems. You should endeavour to keep tight tails clean and DRY, but if this proves to be a problem you should consult your vet. Bulldog tails ARE NOT docked and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, pay particular attention to tightly screwed or close fitting tails as these will need regular attention in order to prevent infection, some tails sit inside themselves (what I call a thumb in a belly button) and can look like there is no tail at all until you look closer.


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