The Land of Ice and Snow..For the Moment

Ozzie is taking no chance of feeling the cold while he naps!

What a weekend! First on Saturday we had our first snow of the winter 2011-2012 season. I was beginning to think that I was living in North Carolina or some point south! We totaled about 4 inches of snow while parts further north racked up 7 or so inches of the white stuff. Ozzie did his usual dance of the snow fairies and ate his fair share of it! Then on Sunday we watched the play off game for the NFC between the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers. It was a close game that went into over time and the Giants were victorious by a field goal! Ozzie was happy for the Giants but more happier that he was the recipient of pizza crust and Swiss cheese and whatever other snacks he could beg off of our guests! The Giants are off to battle the Patriots in Indianapolis and hopefully will have a repeat of 2008 when they won and snatched the Super Bowl title from the Patriots!

Speaking of snow and ice I wanted to comment about using a salt free safe substitute deicer for the benefit of your pets. Salt and chemical deicing products can irritate your dog and cats paws. Not to mention that they lick their paws constantly and that stuff can have a toxic effect on their system. Just make sure when you walk your dog to wipe off his paws when you bring him inside.
I was in the super market yesterday and grabbed the last container of the pet /environmentally friendly deicer. The brand is Pet Guard and it seems to do a decent job of melting the ice away.

Here is a list of several products that are safe for pets that you may want to invest in this winter. Yes the pet friendly deicers are a little more expensive ( I got a 8 lb jug for 15.99 at Stop and Shop) but its worth it to prevent your pets from suffering the ill effects on the cheap stuff. Maybe shop around a bit. It could be cheaper at the big box pet stores. On Amazon I found a 20 lb bag of Pet Guard for 15.63 but who knows what the shipping may come to?!

  • Safe Paw Ice Melter

  • Milazzo Safepet Ice Melter

  • Safe Step Pet Friendly Ice Melt

  • Pet Guard Ice Melt

  • Scotwood Pet Friendly Ice Melter

  • Ice Melt: Pet Friendly

  • Paw Thaw Ice Melter

  • Venus Pet Friendly Ice Melt

Another option is to get your pooch some dog booties. They come in all sizes and colors and are the height of fashion. Ozzie doesn't need them since his trips outdoors during the winter months consist of going into his backyard. The only danger there are his own land mines! Good luck and stay warm to man and beast!


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