Finally Friday and Green Eyed Ozzie

Look at me, look at me! I am your favorite!

Last night we were having a delightful family dinner that included a visit from my son Will. Turkey meatloaf and mash potatoes were on the menu. Definitely comfort food on a Winter evening. Afterwards, Will and I were on the computer looking at some funny YouTube videos and sharing a laugh or two when Ozzie decided to interrupt. He starting barking his head off and when that didn't result in enough attention he started biting at my pant leg. From there he just went all out bulldog crazy trying to get me to play with him. It was kind of amusing until Ozzie just got himself so winded that he had to stop.

After Will left I was talking with my husband and we came to the conclusion that Ozzie is definitely jealous of Will and demands my attention. That accounts for him attacking Will at the door when he comes to the house, which has simmered down a bit. Will now comes to the door with treats to give him as he walks in which seems to defuse the matter!
Oh Ozzie, Will may be number one son but you are still top dog in this house!

Here is a link that describes English bulldogs and their possessive nature. Interesting!

To all, have a great weekend!


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