Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally Friday

"Grrr, no gets past me..unless they have a dog biscuit!"

I can say I am a wee bit tired this morning. Ozzie decided to give himself a manicure at two o'clock in the morning. The paw licking went on relentlessly and the noise was deafening! I should record the sound that he makes while doing this personal hygiene routine. It is really creepy! Then I could submit it for special effects on the next Night of the Living Dead sequel!

Speaking of Halloween there is still no costume on deck for the Oz, so it looks like he will be wearing the cape again! Unless he loses 10 pounds by Sunday then he can fit into his Petsmart costume.
It seems like the neighborhood ahem....should I say "dear sweet children" are in the spirit of things already. They ripped down my lady scarecrow that was hooked to my tree in the front of the house then tossed her in the gutter without any mercy what so ever. As my husband walked up to the bus stop this morning he noticed the pole with only the head attached laying in the street . He thought the face looked familiar but couldn't place it. That is when the garbage men came along on their usual Friday morning route and threw it unceremoniously in the back of their truck! What a way to go! Meanwhile my man scarecrow is in mourning and I am on the hunt for the little juveniles who committed the crime. I realize I will never know who the real culprits are but it gives me delight in dreaming up revenge scenarios of squirting the little louses with the power washer! Did I mention that Bulldogs make terrible guard dogs?! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Walking Yes Indeed!

The weather has been quite pleasant of late in Northern New Jersey with mild temps in the upper 60's, low 70'S! Trying to take advantage of these balmy days we have been taking Ozzie for walks. Yes it's not his most favorite activity. Then again what activity is his favorite?! Oh yeah napping.....anyway we have been working him! We have Oz up to a whole 2 blocks! Once we drag his reluctant bulldog body off the porch he seems to enjoy the walk. I am hoping he will find his inner athletic self. Who knows, maybe he will lose enough weight to fit into his Petsmart Halloween costume?! Naaaa!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Haunted for a Costume

Halloween 2009

Halloween is around the corner and we are still without a costume for Ozzie. I was at Petsmart the other day and they had a 50 % off all pet costumes. I found the only XXL costume they had left! It was a tiger outfit..... I think. I was all excited over it. It looked like it might actually fit! I brought it home and attempted to try it on the Oz. Well he was less than excited by this fantastic find! There was a Velcro strap that goes around the collar of the outfit and as I struggled to get it around his big bully neck I soon realized this wasn't cutting it! On Ozzie his neck is one of his most lets say prominent features. He has the girth of a Sumo wrestler! Back to the drawing board I guess. Or I could always resort to his pirate cape he wore last year. He seemed to tolerate it and I got the feeling he felt very dapper in it! Or maybe I could find a pumpkin hat and say that he is a bulldog jack-o-lantern?! Quite frankly I don't think Ozzie cares. As long as he gets petted by every kid that comes to the door he will enjoy Halloween costume or not!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Never did we think that when Ozzie came to live with us that we would be the unwitting servants to a bulldog. Well perhaps not that unwitting! Certainly he has the run of the house. We enjoy his daily antics and expressive bully face. He does get into occasional trouble but I suppose nothing too bad to over come. Today may be one of those "trouble"days. Ozzie decided to wake up my husband and I at 3:30 AM. While trying to ignore his pacing in our bedroom, Ozzie just got more demanding. We could hear a low pitched growl as we both ducked underneath the covers. I guess he wasn't going to give it up so I got out of bed. "Come on Oz, I guess you got to go huh?" Sure enough once he was in the yard he dutifully did his number 1 & 2 ! I really don't want this to be a habit but I suppose if you gotta go you gotta go! We all fell back to sleep eventually only to be smacked over the head by the blaring of the alarm clock at 5:00 AM. I refused to budge but my poor husband had no choice in the matter. As he was just about ready to leave I got up out of bed to be greeted by the midnight marauder. He was hungry and ready for another round in the back yard. I went downstairs and fed his royal highness. As we were in the back yard the sound of the garbage trucks intrigued him and started to walk to the front of the house. "Ozzie get back here!" I cried to no avail. I followed him to the front porch and demanded him to turn around. He stared at me blankly as "Blah blah blah!" Came pouring out of my mouth. I rang the door bell hoping that my husband had not left yet and would get me out of this predicament. "What are you doing out here?" he asked as he came to the door. "Oz decided he wanted to go for a little walk" I replied, "What else?!" With that Ozzie bounced through the front door and preceded to the couch where he plopped himself and began to lick his paws in a fury! "Ozzie you are a piece of work do you know that!?" and then I thought if he could talk at this moment I would hear him say "You are not the boss of me!"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally Friday

Its been a tough week for the Oz! He is looking forward to relaxing over the weekend...well, maybe in a more relaxing way than during his weekly relaxing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Uga VIII has Arrived!

So there is a new kid in town! At least in the University of Georgia there is. The new Uga has been selected. His name is Big Bad Bruce and his coming out will be this Saturday at the homecoming game against Vanderbilt in Athens. He is the grandson of Uga VI and is 13 months old weighing in at 55 pounds. Big Bad is all set to carry on the tradition of his forefathers. Frank "Sonny" Seiler's family has owned and breed the Georgia mascots for the last 50 years. "We had several puppies that were direct descents from the Uga line to choose from," said Seiler. "We came to the conclusion that this dog had all the physical attributes that we look for in a Georgia mascot." The interim bulldog Russ who has been fulling in so far this season will be able to move on and do other things. Perhaps dog food commercials. Who knows!? At least he can return to the comfort of his own couch on Saturday afternoons. Good luck to Bruce. Go get em boy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Hm.... after this I may get down off the couch and shed on the rug! So much to do so little time!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Holy Dog!

We attended the Blessing of the Animals at Corpus Christi Church on Saturday. Ozzie was really excited to get blessed! It was a beautiful day for the event which was outdoors in the church parking lot. Unfortunately Ozzie left a bit of water (definitely not of the Holy origin ) of his own while the Priest was conducting the Mass. I blame his Pop who did not have tighter reign on his leash. Other than that mild embarrassment all went according to plan. Our pets are truly a blessing to have!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hot Diggity Salty Dog!

I have been away for a week in Florida so there was unfortunately no time for the blog! Ozzie was very happy to see me upon my return and of course I had to bring home many gifts for him to excuse my absence! I am always sick with worry when I leave him. Not that his care is less than top notch while I am away. He had his Pop and Grandpa doggie sitting him! I just worry that he thinks I abandoned him for some reason! All is forgotten though once I walk in that door!

While I was down there we went to a restaurant in Sarasota called The Old Salty Dog. Our friends and I had seen an episode of Man Vs. Food where Adam Richman the host, was sampling some of Sarasota's finest cuisine and happened upon this place. It is the home of the foot long Salty Dog that is deep fried in a beer batter coating and loaded up with cheese, bacon, sauerkraut...well you get the picture . I am sure it goes for about 1000 calories easily and would raise your cholesterol about 200 points! The real reason I wanted to go was for its mascot. Yup you got it! It's a bulldog. I couldn't help but resist to buy the T-shirt and the hat! Hey any place that has a picture of a bulldog on their menu has my business!
Other than that I am settled in and trying to figure what Ozzie could be for Halloween. Hmm maybe a Salty Dog costume! He already has the figure for it. I would just have to top him off with some bacon and cheese! Though he would be trying to eat his costume the whole time. Oh well I will keep giving it some thought!