Who's the Boss?

Never did we think that when Ozzie came to live with us that we would be the unwitting servants to a bulldog. Well perhaps not that unwitting! Certainly he has the run of the house. We enjoy his daily antics and expressive bully face. He does get into occasional trouble but I suppose nothing too bad to over come. Today may be one of those "trouble"days. Ozzie decided to wake up my husband and I at 3:30 AM. While trying to ignore his pacing in our bedroom, Ozzie just got more demanding. We could hear a low pitched growl as we both ducked underneath the covers. I guess he wasn't going to give it up so I got out of bed. "Come on Oz, I guess you got to go huh?" Sure enough once he was in the yard he dutifully did his number 1 & 2 ! I really don't want this to be a habit but I suppose if you gotta go you gotta go! We all fell back to sleep eventually only to be smacked over the head by the blaring of the alarm clock at 5:00 AM. I refused to budge but my poor husband had no choice in the matter. As he was just about ready to leave I got up out of bed to be greeted by the midnight marauder. He was hungry and ready for another round in the back yard. I went downstairs and fed his royal highness. As we were in the back yard the sound of the garbage trucks intrigued him and started to walk to the front of the house. "Ozzie get back here!" I cried to no avail. I followed him to the front porch and demanded him to turn around. He stared at me blankly as "Blah blah blah!" Came pouring out of my mouth. I rang the door bell hoping that my husband had not left yet and would get me out of this predicament. "What are you doing out here?" he asked as he came to the door. "Oz decided he wanted to go for a little walk" I replied, "What else?!" With that Ozzie bounced through the front door and preceded to the couch where he plopped himself and began to lick his paws in a fury! "Ozzie you are a piece of work do you know that!?" and then I thought if he could talk at this moment I would hear him say "You are not the boss of me!"


  1. See, no matter how sweet they are, bulldogs are not all that eager to please. They know it's not really necessary and as long as they're their own lovable selves you'll get over it, whatever it is. Shar Pei are like that, too, to a somewhat lesser extent. We might be a little more upset if we really, really get yelled at, but it doesn't mean that we're going to become people pleasers either. We tend to prefer negotiated settlements to taking orders, for instance.

    Sometimes I think that Alpha Mom needs to get up real early, too. I usually wait until 4:30 AM, though.

    lotsa licks, Lola


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