Finally Friday

"Grrr, no gets past me..unless they have a dog biscuit!"

I can say I am a wee bit tired this morning. Ozzie decided to give himself a manicure at two o'clock in the morning. The paw licking went on relentlessly and the noise was deafening! I should record the sound that he makes while doing this personal hygiene routine. It is really creepy! Then I could submit it for special effects on the next Night of the Living Dead sequel!

Speaking of Halloween there is still no costume on deck for the Oz, so it looks like he will be wearing the cape again! Unless he loses 10 pounds by Sunday then he can fit into his Petsmart costume.
It seems like the neighborhood ahem....should I say "dear sweet children" are in the spirit of things already. They ripped down my lady scarecrow that was hooked to my tree in the front of the house then tossed her in the gutter without any mercy what so ever. As my husband walked up to the bus stop this morning he noticed the pole with only the head attached laying in the street . He thought the face looked familiar but couldn't place it. That is when the garbage men came along on their usual Friday morning route and threw it unceremoniously in the back of their truck! What a way to go! Meanwhile my man scarecrow is in mourning and I am on the hunt for the little juveniles who committed the crime. I realize I will never know who the real culprits are but it gives me delight in dreaming up revenge scenarios of squirting the little louses with the power washer! Did I mention that Bulldogs make terrible guard dogs?! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. That's terrible about your scarecrow. Nasty little buggers! I'm not a very good watchdog either, but Franklin is, as far as letting people know that something unusual is happening. He's not about to do anything about it, but he sounds scary.

    All Franklin and I have are capes, too. Kinda weak, I have to say, but I'd just as soon skip the whole thing anyway. I just put up with it to please you-know-who.

    lotsa licks, Lola


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