Haunted for a Costume

Halloween 2009

Halloween is around the corner and we are still without a costume for Ozzie. I was at Petsmart the other day and they had a 50 % off all pet costumes. I found the only XXL costume they had left! It was a tiger outfit..... I think. I was all excited over it. It looked like it might actually fit! I brought it home and attempted to try it on the Oz. Well he was less than excited by this fantastic find! There was a Velcro strap that goes around the collar of the outfit and as I struggled to get it around his big bully neck I soon realized this wasn't cutting it! On Ozzie his neck is one of his most lets say prominent features. He has the girth of a Sumo wrestler! Back to the drawing board I guess. Or I could always resort to his pirate cape he wore last year. He seemed to tolerate it and I got the feeling he felt very dapper in it! Or maybe I could find a pumpkin hat and say that he is a bulldog jack-o-lantern?! Quite frankly I don't think Ozzie cares. As long as he gets petted by every kid that comes to the door he will enjoy Halloween costume or not!


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