Until Tomorrow!

Last night we were sitting on the porch with Ozzie for our evening constitutional when our neighbor Claire came out of her house to bid her daughter and granddaughters goodbye. Ozzie was very excited to see them all. He pranced over and enjoyed all the extra loving! When it was time for everyone to go home Ozzie was not quite ready for goodbyes! Claire tried to get into the house with the Oz following quickly behind. "No Ozzie, it's time to go inside and go to bed." said Claire. Ozzie was having none of it! He decided to wait on their porch until they came back out. I think if we didn't pull him off their stoop he would still be there! Oh Ozzie saying good night is hard to do!


  1. My goodness, but bulldogs sure do have their own way of doing things. THEIR way! :) Ozzie looks like he is going to stay on that porch for a while longer!


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