Party Animals

Saturday turned out to be beautiful weather wise and the party at Terri and Dan's was great fun. Ozzie had the run of the place along with Labradoodle Tank and Pomchi Harley. There were events such as volleyball, horseshoes and croquet to be participate in. Ozzie was a "consultant" to his Pop in the croquet event but otherwise limited his Olympic participation to waiting for some one to drop a hot-dog his way! I have never seen the Oz move so much. We left there very late and didn't get home to almost midnight! Ozzie was so exhausted the next day that he napped for most of Sunday. It was almost an effort to get up and eat his dinner....yes almost! Well it's one more BBQ party on Labor Day and then the summer fun is over. I think Ozzie is not too disappointed over that fact. He will be able to catch up on his napping in the Fall!


  1. Ozzie, don't let them wear you out with all this social butterfly stuff. I know a bulldog needs more beauty sleep even that I do, and I take a lot of long naps myself.

    lotsa licks, Lola


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