Hmm Good!

Ozzie has been dutifully working on his foot long bully stick all week. It was part of his birthday booty from Wholistic Paws. It is a bit of a challenge for him since it is difficult to maneuver it into his bulldog mouth. The trail of yuck that it leaves behind is enough to make you gag (except if you're a dog I guess!) I have one rule when it comes to bully sticks they are strictly an outside chew treat! Ozzie has tried to sneak in with it several times like no one would notice huh?! This one should last him a couple of weeks or until I am grossed out enough by it and give it the heave ho!


  1. Oh, he's lucky to have that. Now that Franklin's here I'm not getting things like that. Just because I won't let HIM have them doesn't seem like a reason to keep them from ME, but that's what happened. Neither of us get them. So unfair!

    lotsa licks, Lola


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