Bully Birthday Aftermath

Our birthday outing with Ozzie wasn't all we hoped it would be this past Saturday! We thought a day at the Bark Park would be full of doggie birthday fun. We were wrong!
The morning was cool enough so we decided to go early before the day could warm up. Something about going to the Bark Park makes Ozzie want to poop right away. He went three times while we were there. Thank goodness they supply bags. He explored the gated territory and left his mark on the fence and trees like most male dogs, but once that was done so was he! He seemed to have no interest in his fellow canine. Maybe except for a little pug that was across the way in the small dog enclosure. All the other dogs come up for their obligatory hinney sniff and seemed eager to play. Ozzie was totally disengaged from the whole process. The folks at the park just loved him. He enjoyed the human attention at least. It wasn't long before he plopped himself by the gate a signal to us he was done. We went back to the car which was a short walk away and he started huffing and puffing. Great now he was over heated! We headed out home only to make a quick stop at Wholistic Paws. I ran in to buy a few bully sticks hoping that they would at least make up for the lack of fun. That evening we made him a steak on the grill for his dinner. He fell blissfully asleep that night, occasionally getting up to gnaw on his b-stick. Sorry Oz we will never take to the Bark Park again. Next year for your birthday we will just lavish you with treats and let you do your favorite thing...nap!


  1. Happy Birthday Ozzie! Honey Ham poops a lot at the dog park too, weird
    : )

  2. Does Ozzie know any other bulldogs? My bulldog owning friends tell me that bulldogs like to play with other bulldogs more than anyone else. Has to do with their preferred style of play. I think that treats and dozing at home with family is probably a five star day for Oz anyway, though. That's the kind of guy he seems to be. Nothing wrong with that.

    wags, Lola


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