Oops Did I do That?

Why is it every time your dog throws up it right on your recently shampooed Oriental rug?! That is exactly what Ozzie did yesterday right after taking his heart worm medication! I immediately called the vet to ask about giving him another heart worm pill. I assumed the pill was embedded in my rug not doing Ozzie a bit of good. The doctor said it was a low dose pill and yes I could but wait until tomorrow. Great as long as we don't have a repeat of the rug christening episode we will be back on track. Maybe I will give it to him with one of his meals. It might of been upsetting on an empty stomach?! Though its hard to imagine anything upsetting that cast iron gut! Especially one that can consume 4 inches of bully stick in minutes!
This morning finds Ozzie good as new. He had his 3 minutes of rousing play with his plastic keys before fizzling out on the floor. He currently is taking his morning nap. Next life I want to come back as the Oz!


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