Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reviewing Rescue Ink

The other night I watched the new show on the NatGeo channel "Rescue Ink". This group of guys you wouldn't want to mess with! They are all big boys built like brick houses and they are very passionate about animals and their well being. On one segment of the show they came to the aid of a man who was severely injured by a group of thugs in his neighborhood in the Bronx. He has three pit bulls and the jerks that attacked him got him one day when the dogs weren't with him. He was hospitalized with a fractured skull and the boys of Rescue Ink came to his aid! The man was sneaking out of the hospital to go to his apartment and feed his dogs. He was more concerned about his beloved animals than himself. Rescue Ink went to his apartment where the dogs had been for several days without food ( yikes! ) and carefully lured them out. They had arranged with a local shelter to house them until the poor guy was released from the hospital. This man was so grateful that he was in tears when he knew that his dogs were safe! There was a more comical segment where Rescue Ink was called to a Long Island neighborhood that had a flock of chickens on the loose. What a hoot to see these big lugs with nets trying to chase down the chickens! The show is entertaining and heartwarming. A must see at 10:00 PM on Friday nights!
We are going to my niece's wedding later on today. Since we all will be out of the house for a considerable amount of time ( and Ozzie was surprisingly not invited! ) we have asked our next door neighbors, Al and Claire to doggie sit. We are actually bringing him over to their home so I am hoping he is well behaved and there are no "accidents"! I will let you all know how he fared! Enjoy what is left of the weekend all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Night of the Nose Licker

Well here I am a little groggy from last night. Oz woke us up again though this time he was ferociously licking his nose instead of his paws. I had to "talk" him down from it. I petted him and reassured him all was right in his doggie world and that he had to lay down. This seemed to work as he went back to sleep?! I believe that Ozzie could become a mascot for the Olympic OCD team! If they had one! Would that be like one person obsessively putting items in order then washing their hands repeatedly?! At any rate that brings me to the subject of Bulldogs being the most accepted symbol of athletic teams in the United States. Since the bulldog has the reputation of ferocious loyalty and tenacity ( a nice way of saying they are stubborn as a mule! ) it only seems a natural choice. The most famous mascots are probably Handsome Dan of Yale University and Uga, the University of Georgia's bulldog. They are there on the field representing their teams at every game. Uga even has his own little doghouse that has AC and an endless supply of ice! Then there is the unofficial mascot of the US Marine Corps, Chesty who has a tough as nails reputation! You will find that dozens of high schools around the nation have the bulldog as their mascot too. Just down the road from me in the town of Rutherford their high school proudly boasts a bulldog as one of their own! Still this leaves me wondering where Ozzie would fit in as a mascot. He doesn't care for anything that is physical much less sports! I thought maybe a good fit would be the annual Coney Island hot-dog eating contest. The gastronomic event that involves eating has many Nathan Franks as one can shove down their gobs in a limited amount of time. Why that sounds right of Oz's alley! Only they have a hard time keeping him away from the frankfurters! Oh well he will always be our little mascot here at home. A symbol of snoring, eating, slobbering and the American way!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I am Captain of my Ship!

Well back to Monday I suppose. The weekend was busy however and weather wise you could not ask for two more perfect days! We were invited up to our friends house, Ed and Marilyn, who have a lovely home right on Greenwood Lake. We took advantage of the great weather and went for a ride in their motorboat. Of course Ozzie came with us and I was a little apprehensive of him going in the boat. Since bulldogs have a reputation of a none swimmer and considering Ozzie is built like an anchor I was in a bit of turmoil over it. Ed put a regular life jacket on him which looked quite comical since it had to go on backwards. It seemed to fit him perfectly that way and this put my concerns to rest a little bit! Mark and Ed hoisted him into the boat and we were off. I couldn't really tell if he enjoyed it or not. It was a short ride up and down the lake and toward the end he fell asleep at Mark's feet. I don't know if he did this because the motion of boat put him under or it was a way to escape the situation! Any rate it made for some good photo ops as you will see!
They have 6 cats at their home so this was the first encounter ( at least we know of ) with the feline world! Ozzie approached the first cat he ran into slowly with a childish curiosity to get a whack in the snoot. "Hmmm he thought, I won't mess with him!" The other cats were leery of this beast that resembled a coffee table with legs. Preferring to observe him from counter levels where it was safe. Overall I thought Oz was pretty well behaved with the kitties. The funniest thing was when he tried to get through the little cat door they had in the back door of the kitchen. Ozzie tried several times to get his 75 pound body through the 10 pound door with no success! We all had a laugh from that except for Ozzie who was totally frustrated! We had a great time and Ozzie was such a good doggie I am sure he will get an invite back again soon! Meanwhile we resume ourselves to the blase of the week day! Ozzie is catching up on some sleep from the marine events of the weekend, perhaps dreaming of sailing the high seas with a crew of cats!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Paw - don Me!

I was awaken last night by the most frightening sound! It was similar to a freight train running off the track or as forbid the thought a 737 landing on top of our house! ( We unfortunately live next to several major airports! ) " Wait a minute!" as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes......I could see that it was coming from Ozzie! He was licking his paw with great intensity making horrid snorting, gagging noises as he continued his business! "Ozzie stop that!" I cried. He went on like he was in some kind of canine trance! My husband woke up to the melee and said "What the heck is that noise!" "It's Ozzie!" I said. " Make him stop!" Mark walked around and stood over Ozzie and in a sharp commanding alpha male voice said "Ozzie cut that out now!" Ozzie stared up at Mark like he was just in some other doggie dimension! He thankfully stopped and at 4:00 AM we managed to get back to sleep. Needless to say this morning I can't get enough coffee in me and hubby is a little bit groggy for the events of the night! I set out to research this problem. I found an article written by veterinarian Dr Janet Tobiassen-Crosby concerning the subject. She indicated that it could be from inhalant allergies causing general itchiness, arthritis or other painful "interior" conditions casing pain in that area without any visible infection. ( He does not have Inter-digital cysts which Bullies are prone to, and he is probably too young for arthritis?!! ) She goes on to say that it may simply be a habit! A behavior seen when the dog is relaxing or stressed or bored. Well he shouldn't be any of those things 4:00 AM in the morning! I have seen him do this paw licking stunt during the day. If it lasted too long I would distract him with a toy to snap him out of it, but this nocturnal lick-a-thon has to stop! Short of putting some topical brew of bitter or hot on his paws I am stumped on what to do. I will continue to search the dog information forums and with our next vet visit it will be the first topic to bring up! In the meanwhile Ozzie is snoozing peacefully here on the rug while we are victims of sleep deprivation! Enjoy your morning nap buddy while I make another pot of coffee!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Over the weekend we visited friends Terri and Dan, who have been attempting to have a final BBQ of the summer gathering! I say attempting because when they plan the party, it seems that each weekend it decides to rain! It has not been the most cooperative summer weather wise here in the northeast! So of course it did rain but they forged ahead and had a wonderful party despite the weather! Ozzie was invited too and you know anything that has to do with food and he is there! They have a wonderful Labradoodle appropriately named Tank. He is a big wiry boy and very sweet! He greeted Oz with some boisterous barking and was a good host. The rain stopped enough so they could play tug of war outside for a bit. They had some fun together and other than Ozzie's faux pas of eating from Tank's food dish all was well! Thanks guys for having us!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Farewell to a Friend!

I received some sad news this weekend. My friend Debbie emailed me that Knuckles had suddenly passed away. He was a wonderful little bully who was cherished by his owner and made countless people smile with his many hats and his visits to hospitals and libraries in our area! I know that Ozzie and I will miss him. Maybe if we can get Ozzie going as a therapy dog he will carry on in the tradition of Knuckles work! My condolences to Debbie, it's difficult to lose a pet especially a bully as sweet as Knuckles.!
I happen to catch a commercial the other day for a new show on the NatGeo channel. It's called Rescue Ink. They are a bunch of big burly tattooed biker dudes that rescue abused and neglected animals. They seem a bit intimidating and I am sure their techniques are a little over the top but hey more power to them. Certainly some of these animal abusers deserve to have their butts kicked though I am sure that these guys are operating within the confines of the law. ( Though don't you wish when the cameras stop rolling that they are beating the poop out of those scumbags! ) It starts on September 25th at 10:00 PM so try to catch it if you can. They will be making an appearance on Good Morning America on the 23rd and their website is so check it out!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dressing up the Dog?!

The month of September signals the end of summer and the start of the Fall season. With that also comes thoughts of Halloween! There are displays in all the stores advertising candies and costumes. ( yes rudely enough some stores are hinting at Christmas, they should be arrested for that !) This led me to wonder what should Ozzie be for Halloween?! It falls on a Saturday this year so I suspect that there will be an all day onslaught of trick or treater's! How neat would it be for the kids to be greeted by the Oz in some whimsical costume?! I asked my son Will if he had any ideas and he came up with a couple good ones! He suggested that Ozzie sort of resembles the late great Yankee Babe Ruth in stature! We could dress him up in pinstripes and get a fake cigar and call him "Babe Woof" I have had trouble finding a Jersey in his size, apparently they only make them for smaller doggies. ( Of course it needs to be XL for proper fit! ) Will also came up with an old time gangster costume and we could refer to him as "Al CaBone"! Since I am worthless at sewing I may have to turn to online store alternatives! I found a couple that may work! One is a prisoner costume, black and white stripes with a ball and chain! Then there is the Pirate costume with a parrot and eye patch to boot! They are both pretty cute and it's a hard decision to make! I think Ozzie is partial to pirates so we may go with that! I have displayed them here so let me know what you think?!
On a more serious note today is the eighth anniversary of 9/11. Though thankfully I do not know anyone personally that lost their lives that day, living here right across the river from the event it has impacted my life greatly. I was at work that day and witnessed through our windows the plane slamming into the second tower. It was a horrible day indeed and we all need to honor those that passed that day by never forgetting! Peace to all!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Bye Summer!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Ozzie and I watched the kids this morning as they begrudgingly with their back pack and lunches in hand walked to school! (Sigh..) We had a nice weekend filled with good friends and good food. Of course Ozzie accompanied us, going to Uncle Peter and Aunt Lydia's house on Saturday and a BBQ at Uncle Lenny's on Sunday! Let's say he had his fair share of food! He lavishly dined on some fillet Mignon that Auntie Lydia gave him and Uncle Lenny and Uncle Vinnie kept his plate fill with Roast Pork Loin at the BBQ ( no hot-dogs for this hot-dog! ) He almost had an Oreo cake to himself if it were not for the fast reflexes of Uncle Lenny! ( good catch Len! ) Well now it time to undo some of those calories! We must get Ozzie into shape for the upcoming Therapy Dog testing! I have my doubts if he will pass because there are 10 steps of the test he must complete and there are 4 of them he is a little shaky on! Especially step number 4 walking on a leash! Yep that may be his undoing! When you have to push and drag one's dog is that considered walking? Well we have to September 19 th so we will be working it! In the mean time I am open to suggestions if anyone out there can give us some tips on walking on the leash please leave a comment! Alright I just downed my last sip of coffee. Come on Oz let's go for a stroll....oops too late he already is REM stage of his morning nap! Maybe later?!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knuckles Pays a Visit!

Yesterday Ozzie had a wonderful time with his friend Knuckles! Knuckles came over to get acquainted and Ozzie was a most gracious host! As I had mentioned in a previous post we met Knuckles mom, Debbie through the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue. She has been doing therapy work with him, visiting patients in nursing homes and going to libraries where they have reading to dogs programs for kids. Oz and Knuckles make quite the pair! Knuckles is only 30 petite pounds next to Ozzie's massive 74 pounds! They are like David and Goliath! They had fun hanging out on the deck and sharing a biscuit or two! The picture I captured of the two of them looks like Knuckles just told Ozzie some Bulldog joke that was hilarious! Feeling inspired by the work that Debbie does with Knuckles I will see if we can register for the next therapy dog certification test. There are still some elements of the test that we still haven't mastered! Like "down" and "stay"! Probably important commands....but maybe they will let him slide a little since he does the "cute" command so well!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Your Listening Pleasure!

I have added a playlist of music to my blog. It has some noteworthy bully tunes on it you may enjoy! I especially like "I got a Bulldog" by a county folk group called Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman. It's a wee bit folksy and it reminds me of the "Darlings" the back woods jug band that use to pop up on the Andy Griffith show. I stuck in there the song "Linger" by the Cranberries. You may ask what it the bulldog connection to that?! Well it is sort of an ode to bully farts! Besides I like the song! I will work on aligning it a bit better in the sidebar column. It was a challenge to just add it in there, so forgive me on that for a while! Today Knuckles is coming over to visit Ozzie. He is the therapy bully who's mom we met through the rescue. He is going to walk with Ozzie and hopefully encourage him to ease on down the road! I will update you on that event tomorrow ( with some pictures too!).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"I'll Have Cheese on those Fries!"

So yesterday was the big weigh in day. While Ozzie was not the biggest loser he was not the biggest gainer either! Yes he stayed consistently chubby at 74.15 pounds! So lets give credit due to the boy! Still this poses the problem of what are we doing wrong or right?! Cutting down his kibble even more would be just downright starvation city for Oz! Unfortunately the key element here must be the dreaded "e" word! Yes exercise! Walks in the evening have become the battle of wills! He must be dragged and coaxed with treats in order to make the 2 block trek! Somehow that seems counter productive! Apparently his former owners never walked him! That may have been fine in the more rural area they lived in but here where our property is the size of a postage stamp some walking is necessary! I did have a brain storm of sorts, I could dress up as Mayor Mc Cheese. This way Ozzie would have incentive to chase me down the block! Hmm maybe not! That could result in serious injury me! In the meanwhile I think I'll call Jenny Craig and see if they have a canine division!