Reviewing Rescue Ink

The other night I watched the new show on the NatGeo channel "Rescue Ink". This group of guys you wouldn't want to mess with! They are all big boys built like brick houses and they are very passionate about animals and their well being. On one segment of the show they came to the aid of a man who was severely injured by a group of thugs in his neighborhood in the Bronx. He has three pit bulls and the jerks that attacked him got him one day when the dogs weren't with him. He was hospitalized with a fractured skull and the boys of Rescue Ink came to his aid! The man was sneaking out of the hospital to go to his apartment and feed his dogs. He was more concerned about his beloved animals than himself. Rescue Ink went to his apartment where the dogs had been for several days without food ( yikes! ) and carefully lured them out. They had arranged with a local shelter to house them until the poor guy was released from the hospital. This man was so grateful that he was in tears when he knew that his dogs were safe! There was a more comical segment where Rescue Ink was called to a Long Island neighborhood that had a flock of chickens on the loose. What a hoot to see these big lugs with nets trying to chase down the chickens! The show is entertaining and heartwarming. A must see at 10:00 PM on Friday nights!
We are going to my niece's wedding later on today. Since we all will be out of the house for a considerable amount of time ( and Ozzie was surprisingly not invited! ) we have asked our next door neighbors, Al and Claire to doggie sit. We are actually bringing him over to their home so I am hoping he is well behaved and there are no "accidents"! I will let you all know how he fared! Enjoy what is left of the weekend all!


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