Dressing up the Dog?!

The month of September signals the end of summer and the start of the Fall season. With that also comes thoughts of Halloween! There are displays in all the stores advertising candies and costumes. ( yes rudely enough some stores are hinting at Christmas, they should be arrested for that !) This led me to wonder what should Ozzie be for Halloween?! It falls on a Saturday this year so I suspect that there will be an all day onslaught of trick or treater's! How neat would it be for the kids to be greeted by the Oz in some whimsical costume?! I asked my son Will if he had any ideas and he came up with a couple good ones! He suggested that Ozzie sort of resembles the late great Yankee Babe Ruth in stature! We could dress him up in pinstripes and get a fake cigar and call him "Babe Woof" I have had trouble finding a Jersey in his size, apparently they only make them for smaller doggies. ( Of course it needs to be XL for proper fit! ) Will also came up with an old time gangster costume and we could refer to him as "Al CaBone"! Since I am worthless at sewing I may have to turn to online store alternatives! I found a couple that may work! One is a prisoner costume, black and white stripes with a ball and chain! Then there is the Pirate costume with a parrot and eye patch to boot! They are both pretty cute and it's a hard decision to make! I think Ozzie is partial to pirates so we may go with that! I have displayed them here so let me know what you think?!
On a more serious note today is the eighth anniversary of 9/11. Though thankfully I do not know anyone personally that lost their lives that day, living here right across the river from the event it has impacted my life greatly. I was at work that day and witnessed through our windows the plane slamming into the second tower. It was a horrible day indeed and we all need to honor those that passed that day by never forgetting! Peace to all!


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