Knuckles Pays a Visit!

Yesterday Ozzie had a wonderful time with his friend Knuckles! Knuckles came over to get acquainted and Ozzie was a most gracious host! As I had mentioned in a previous post we met Knuckles mom, Debbie through the MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue. She has been doing therapy work with him, visiting patients in nursing homes and going to libraries where they have reading to dogs programs for kids. Oz and Knuckles make quite the pair! Knuckles is only 30 petite pounds next to Ozzie's massive 74 pounds! They are like David and Goliath! They had fun hanging out on the deck and sharing a biscuit or two! The picture I captured of the two of them looks like Knuckles just told Ozzie some Bulldog joke that was hilarious! Feeling inspired by the work that Debbie does with Knuckles I will see if we can register for the next therapy dog certification test. There are still some elements of the test that we still haven't mastered! Like "down" and "stay"! Probably important commands....but maybe they will let him slide a little since he does the "cute" command so well!


  1. Knowing Knuckles if he was telling Ozzy a joke, it was a dirty joke LOL


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