Night of the Nose Licker

Well here I am a little groggy from last night. Oz woke us up again though this time he was ferociously licking his nose instead of his paws. I had to "talk" him down from it. I petted him and reassured him all was right in his doggie world and that he had to lay down. This seemed to work as he went back to sleep?! I believe that Ozzie could become a mascot for the Olympic OCD team! If they had one! Would that be like one person obsessively putting items in order then washing their hands repeatedly?! At any rate that brings me to the subject of Bulldogs being the most accepted symbol of athletic teams in the United States. Since the bulldog has the reputation of ferocious loyalty and tenacity ( a nice way of saying they are stubborn as a mule! ) it only seems a natural choice. The most famous mascots are probably Handsome Dan of Yale University and Uga, the University of Georgia's bulldog. They are there on the field representing their teams at every game. Uga even has his own little doghouse that has AC and an endless supply of ice! Then there is the unofficial mascot of the US Marine Corps, Chesty who has a tough as nails reputation! You will find that dozens of high schools around the nation have the bulldog as their mascot too. Just down the road from me in the town of Rutherford their high school proudly boasts a bulldog as one of their own! Still this leaves me wondering where Ozzie would fit in as a mascot. He doesn't care for anything that is physical much less sports! I thought maybe a good fit would be the annual Coney Island hot-dog eating contest. The gastronomic event that involves eating has many Nathan Franks as one can shove down their gobs in a limited amount of time. Why that sounds right of Oz's alley! Only they have a hard time keeping him away from the frankfurters! Oh well he will always be our little mascot here at home. A symbol of snoring, eating, slobbering and the American way!


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