Good Bye Summer!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Ozzie and I watched the kids this morning as they begrudgingly with their back pack and lunches in hand walked to school! (Sigh..) We had a nice weekend filled with good friends and good food. Of course Ozzie accompanied us, going to Uncle Peter and Aunt Lydia's house on Saturday and a BBQ at Uncle Lenny's on Sunday! Let's say he had his fair share of food! He lavishly dined on some fillet Mignon that Auntie Lydia gave him and Uncle Lenny and Uncle Vinnie kept his plate fill with Roast Pork Loin at the BBQ ( no hot-dogs for this hot-dog! ) He almost had an Oreo cake to himself if it were not for the fast reflexes of Uncle Lenny! ( good catch Len! ) Well now it time to undo some of those calories! We must get Ozzie into shape for the upcoming Therapy Dog testing! I have my doubts if he will pass because there are 10 steps of the test he must complete and there are 4 of them he is a little shaky on! Especially step number 4 walking on a leash! Yep that may be his undoing! When you have to push and drag one's dog is that considered walking? Well we have to September 19 th so we will be working it! In the mean time I am open to suggestions if anyone out there can give us some tips on walking on the leash please leave a comment! Alright I just downed my last sip of coffee. Come on Oz let's go for a stroll....oops too late he already is REM stage of his morning nap! Maybe later?!


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