I am Captain of my Ship!

Well back to Monday I suppose. The weekend was busy however and weather wise you could not ask for two more perfect days! We were invited up to our friends house, Ed and Marilyn, who have a lovely home right on Greenwood Lake. We took advantage of the great weather and went for a ride in their motorboat. Of course Ozzie came with us and I was a little apprehensive of him going in the boat. Since bulldogs have a reputation of a none swimmer and considering Ozzie is built like an anchor I was in a bit of turmoil over it. Ed put a regular life jacket on him which looked quite comical since it had to go on backwards. It seemed to fit him perfectly that way and this put my concerns to rest a little bit! Mark and Ed hoisted him into the boat and we were off. I couldn't really tell if he enjoyed it or not. It was a short ride up and down the lake and toward the end he fell asleep at Mark's feet. I don't know if he did this because the motion of boat put him under or it was a way to escape the situation! Any rate it made for some good photo ops as you will see!
They have 6 cats at their home so this was the first encounter ( at least we know of ) with the feline world! Ozzie approached the first cat he ran into slowly with a childish curiosity to get a whack in the snoot. "Hmmm he thought, I won't mess with him!" The other cats were leery of this beast that resembled a coffee table with legs. Preferring to observe him from counter levels where it was safe. Overall I thought Oz was pretty well behaved with the kitties. The funniest thing was when he tried to get through the little cat door they had in the back door of the kitchen. Ozzie tried several times to get his 75 pound body through the 10 pound door with no success! We all had a laugh from that except for Ozzie who was totally frustrated! We had a great time and Ozzie was such a good doggie I am sure he will get an invite back again soon! Meanwhile we resume ourselves to the blase of the week day! Ozzie is catching up on some sleep from the marine events of the weekend, perhaps dreaming of sailing the high seas with a crew of cats!


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