Farewell to a Friend!

I received some sad news this weekend. My friend Debbie emailed me that Knuckles had suddenly passed away. He was a wonderful little bully who was cherished by his owner and made countless people smile with his many hats and his visits to hospitals and libraries in our area! I know that Ozzie and I will miss him. Maybe if we can get Ozzie going as a therapy dog he will carry on in the tradition of Knuckles work! My condolences to Debbie, it's difficult to lose a pet especially a bully as sweet as Knuckles.!
I happen to catch a commercial the other day for a new show on the NatGeo channel. It's called Rescue Ink. They are a bunch of big burly tattooed biker dudes that rescue abused and neglected animals. They seem a bit intimidating and I am sure their techniques are a little over the top but hey more power to them. Certainly some of these animal abusers deserve to have their butts kicked though I am sure that these guys are operating within the confines of the law. ( Though don't you wish when the cameras stop rolling that they are beating the poop out of those scumbags! ) It starts on September 25th at 10:00 PM so try to catch it if you can. They will be making an appearance on Good Morning America on the 23rd and their website is http://www.rescueink.org/ so check it out!


  1. Thank you for the kind words about Knuckles. One of the last outings we had was meeting Ozzy and my favorite picture is the one of Knuckles telling Ozzy a joke!


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