For Your Listening Pleasure!

I have added a playlist of music to my blog. It has some noteworthy bully tunes on it you may enjoy! I especially like "I got a Bulldog" by a county folk group called Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman. It's a wee bit folksy and it reminds me of the "Darlings" the back woods jug band that use to pop up on the Andy Griffith show. I stuck in there the song "Linger" by the Cranberries. You may ask what it the bulldog connection to that?! Well it is sort of an ode to bully farts! Besides I like the song! I will work on aligning it a bit better in the sidebar column. It was a challenge to just add it in there, so forgive me on that for a while! Today Knuckles is coming over to visit Ozzie. He is the therapy bully who's mom we met through the rescue. He is going to walk with Ozzie and hopefully encourage him to ease on down the road! I will update you on that event tomorrow ( with some pictures too!).


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