Back on the Blog Again!

Sorry I have been away from the blog so long! We had a little computer malfunctioning going on and my husband took it to a friend of his who is an IT specialist to have some PC doctoring done! Turns out we has 165 viruses that were bogging us down that had to be cleaned out! How you get that many viruses I don't know! Certainly if it was human it would of been in the ICU with a very dim prognosis! Anyhow it's up and running and better than before! To get back to last week when we were leaving Ozzie with our neighbors, Al and Claire for the evening. We took him over around 3:00 PM and stood there chatting in their living room for a moment. He knew that this whole set up was strange and that we were definitely up to something! We quickly exited and ran into the car as not to lend ourselves to long goodbyes. It turned out he was very good for them. He amused himself with their cat YoYo who he curiously sniffed and promptly was swatted in the snoot! Then as YoYo went up the stairs Ozzie followed him. I guess he wanted to play and YoYo wanted no part of it! He did his usual there, eat and sleep! Al could not get over how quickly he would fall into a deep sleep and snore away like an old man! Guess Ozzie felt right at home and he was invited back so that is a good thing! I am still searching for a Halloween costume for the Oz. I should of ordered the pirate costume because now it appears they are all out of XL's. I have been to a couple of "Halloween" stores and they seem void of large dog costumes. Even the pet stores just seem to cater to the small doggies. So if you are a Maltese or a Chihuahua you have plenty of options! I need to step up my search this week or Ozzie is going to end up being a pumpkin! Mark and I stopped by the organic pet store on Sunday just to take a look see. It was stocked with big selection of natural chew products. They were mostly dried up tendons and trachea's of some poor ole farm animals. Supposedly better than nasty rawhide. We picked up for our little man a long twisted tendon of sorts called a Bully Jr Spring wrap. Just the name sounded right! Well we got that bad boy home and Ozzie thought he seen heaven! He quickly went to town on it making the ends of it soft and stringy and full of dog spittle. After 20 minutes of gnawing at it he got up with his prize still in his mouth and went to the back door. I stupidly thought " how is going to pee with that in his mouth?!" I let him out and he marched down the stairs to the corner of the yard. He proceeded to dig away in an attempt to bury it. Perhaps to save for another day of nirvana gnawing! I called for Mark to go get him and the now soggy muddy Bully Jr Spring wrap. Well it was pretty much a done deal and Ozzie's face was covered with dirt. I guess for five bucks it was worth the 45 minutes of happiness that beamed out of our best friend!


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