Brisket Bomb and Balloon Boy

I am waking up this morning to the faint smell of brisket that permeated my house yesterday. Not that it's a bad thing, I actually think it is a comforting smell from some comfort food. It would of been the perfect meal for a rainy Sunday afternoon but the culinary gods had their own plans! I purchased a lovely piece of brisket, 1st cut, from Fairway. It was 3.5 pounds of stunning beef! I was going to take that baby home and give it, its proper due! I decided to use my crock pot for the cooking method. So after seasoning and browning it in a pan I plunked it in with broth and red wine for it's cooking journey. Five hours later ( cooked on high setting ) I proudly pulled it out of the pot. As I sliced into the meat I noticed it resisted some! Hm not a good sign. I turned out to be as tough as shoe leather though the gravy was tasty and so were my garlic mashed potatoes! I am not sure who to blame the crock pot or me. Either way I think the winner in all this is Ozzie since he will be the recipient of some of the fallen brisket! I guess we couldn't just help watch the saga of the balloon boy on TV these past few days! Shame on the Heene family for pulling this hoax and exploiting their kids. It was truly out of the mouth of babes when their son, little Falcon, blurted the truth on national TV. I guess it's not all their fault, we do have an appetite as a society for these reality types who seek fame for doing nothing more than being a little wacky than most folks. I thought maybe a good publicity stunt for my blog would be to call the local news station and tell them my car is missing and coincidentally so is my English Bulldog! I could tell them I believe he took it for a joy ride and does not have a drivers license! Considering the charges that the Heene's face maybe its not such a good idea but it definitely would draw some traffic to the blog. Oh well better think of something else. In the meanwhile I need to redeem myself in the kitchen. Maybe hot-dogs and beans tonight, I can't mess that up! Can I?


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