Beach Blanket Bulldog

Sunday was a beautiful Autumn day, just ripe for getting out and enjoying the weather and the stunning Fall foliage! My husband Mark and I took a ride down to the Jersey shore with Ozzie to attend the 5th Annual Belmar Beach Bulldog Bash! Wow talk about Bulldog overload! It was a great day on the beach and the folks from the MidAtlantic Bulldog rescue sponsored the event! Ozzie was greeted by dozens of his brethren of all sizes and colors! What a great opportunity to get together with other bulldog owners and talk bull! Ozzie if not the biggest bulldog was one of the top three in the weight category! Only to be over sized by one that was 78 and 82 pounds respectively. Ozzie also had his first taste of sand and surf. Daring the waters edge he got his paws wet and so did we! Talk about photo opt! I took a few but it was challenging with my camera! ( this is a hint for my husband to get me a new one for Christmas !) A lot of folks seemed to be charmed with Ozzie as he casually walked the beach and inspected everyone. One man with an impressive camera set up asked if he could photograph Ozzie. He was doing a full glamor shoot of the Oz and yes Ozzie was loving it! Work it Oz! One rescue who I had read about on the MABDR site was there! His name is Louie. Louie is a precious 2 year old white bulldog that was retrieved from an awful situation down in Louisiana. Two of the rescue co-founders, Kathy and Joann drove all the way from NJ to bring him back. He was found tied up with wire around his back legs resulting in severe injury! They brought him to a veterinarian up here who treated him and today he is good as new except for the remaining scars on his legs. Louie and his new mommy where there and it made me thrilled to see how happy he was! We walked away Sunday with new bulldog friends and a content but tired Ozzie. I also walked away with some sand coated dog poop on my shoe. Something I didn't want to take with me! Oh well until next years bulldog beach bash take care all you bullies!