Dirty Dog No More!

Well I took Ozzie to be groomed yesterday for the first time since we had him. His only bath with us was the outdoor version with the garden hose! Since the weather no longer allows for it I decided to take him to our local Petsmart where they have grooming facilities. When I dropped him off he didn't look too happy but went in to the "salon" willingly. I asked the gal at the desk how long would he be. I thought it be an hour at the most and I would just peruse the aisles of the DSW shoe outlet next door! " Oh it will take at least 3 hours. Leave us your cell phone number and we will call you when he is ready." Whoa, I had no clue it would take so long. After all he is short haired and there is no clipping involved?! Okay I guess but I felt bad to leave him there for that length of time! I went about my day and around 3:00 I thought "Wow he's been there since 12:30 so why don't I mosey on down." When I arrived I went inside and asked the gal at the desk if Ozzie was ready yet. She told me that he would be another hour! What were they doing to him in there? Shiatsu message, botoxing his wrinkles away?! She explained to me they had to make sure he was perfectly dried. Hmm he doesn't have a long coat like an Irish Setter but he does have a lot of surface area! Alright, I ended up wandering the store and made a few purchases ( they really know how to make money off a shampoo?! ) So finally at 4:30 he was "fini"! As they brought him out from the back room he looked relieved to see me! " He was a good boy!" assured the groomer. At least he didn't smell like the back end of a horse any more! Ozzie made a made a rush for the door only to be sidelined by the cashier who gave him a biscuit for all his troubles. "Okay" he thought " maybe I will stay for another moment or two!" "Come Oz, lets go!"I pleaded. I had enough of Petsmart for one day! He immediately relieved himself outside. I guess that pee was well deserved! As I was pulling him to the car a women stopped and commented "What a handsome boy"! Ozzie wasn't wasting anytime in showing off his newly coiffed fur. "Yeah lady I am handsome all the time, just now I smell better!"


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