Say Good Bye to the Summer

Looks like Summer is going out with a hot blast of weather much to Ozzie's chagrin! To add insult to injury our air conditioning was out for a couple of days. Poor Ozzie, I think he wanted to run away to the neighbors house! We are looking forward to the Labor Day weekend with cooler temps and a party on Sunday. Ozzie was invited and he will get a chance to meet some new canine friends! It will be interesting to see how they all mingle! There is a young collie who is called Tyler, a Keeshond named Niki ( I hear she is a bit of a Daddy's girl ) and a timid collie mix named Stewie! Great pup photo op for sure! In the meanwhile we are laying low while hurricane Earl moves up the east coast. Its due to hit here on Friday. For our area it will be nothing more but wind and rain. Still a bummer for those down the shore and coastal areas south of us! Oh well we will batten the hatches and see what happens. Until then Ozzie wanted to share a video of his country cousin Oscar who was captured on film doing the "frog". Pretty funny stuff. Oh those silly bulldogs!


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