Food for Thought!

Ozzie is now eating Nutro Natural Dog Food(dry) Lite. He seems to do well on it. He has the most wonderful poos lately! Always a good thing like Martha says! ( I bet you wont' find Martha picking up land mines ) It is wheat free, all natural and has added vitamins and minerals. I contend wheat is the culprit that has caused some of his gastric and skin issues in the past. I find myself switching dog foods quite a bit lately. Mostly due to his weight. I guess I am trying to find the perfect dog diet food! I suppose the greatest factor in dieting, dog or human is portion control. Though he did lose a pound or so at his last weigh in. From behind Ozzie is not looking too bad. Cute bulldog butt Oz!

Interesting reading on to stay or switch when it comes to pet food:


  1. He does have a very cute butt. That curly litty bitty tail is a wonderful touch, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola


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