Ruby...a Diamond in the Ruff!

Ruby ( on your right ) enjoying the lake.

We adopted Ozzie, as you may already know, from the Mid-Atlantic Bulldog Rescue. They are a group of wonderful folks that really love and care for the well being of Bulldogs. A year ago we went out to Pennsylvania from Northern New Jersey to get Ozzie from his foster family. That is when we had the pleasure to meet Monty and Patrick who are involved with the rescue efforts of MABDR. They offer up their lovely home to foster dogs while they wait for their forever home! They have a pack of dogs of their own to contend with. One of them who they personally adopted is Ruby an English Bulldog. Lets say she is a bit temperamental! She had a rough puppy-hood and they were brave and patient enough to work with her. She may still be a bit of a princess but has come a long way. Ozzie confided to me that she was personally very nice to him during his short stay ( when no one was looking of course! ) Attached is an article on Monty , Patrick and Ruby that you may want to peruse and if you want to find out more about the Mid-Atlantic Bulldog Rescue just click on their logo found on this blog. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ozzie is mentally preparing for his scheduled bath at Petsmart tomorrow by taking a morning nap. To be followed by his afternoon nap. I'll let you in on the action ( or lack there of ) tomorrow!


  1. Does Ozzie live in northern NJ? You're almost neighbors then. We're on Long Island.

    I hope things go smoothly with Ozzie's bath. That can be very stressful.

    lotsa licks, Lola


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