Bye Bye to Back Yard BBQ's

Finally waking up to a cool morning with a faint smell of Autumn in the air! Yea! The kids are all back to school and the morning commute has returned to its usual horror. We had a lovely Labor Day weekend and the Oz partied hardy! Our friends Dave and Margaret had a wonderful BBQ at their home and Ozzie was invited. Of course he supplied his usual novel entertainment. A few people there told me that they had never seen a bulldog before other than on TV. I guess Ozzie made a real impression on some folks there. Though he could care less as long as he was fed enough hot dogs he was content. He got along well enough with their dogs Tyler, Nikki and Stewie. Ozzie grew very fond of one of their toys and they were gracious enough to let him play with it. They have the perfect yard for dogs. A large piece of property that is all fenced in. Ozzie took the opportunity to roam their back forty at his leisurely bulldog pace. By the end of the evening he was more than happy to lay down in the back of car and sleep during the ride home!
I guess it is time to say so long Summer and to start thinking of what is Ozzie going to be for Halloween!


  1. There's a nip in the air here this morning. Perfect napping weather! I can't wait to see what Ozzie will be for Halloween. I don't know if we're getting costumes or not. I think it's not a bad idea as long as they're not uncomfortable and we get to go trick or treating.

    lotsa licks, Lola


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