Just Face It!

Another trip to the vet to recheck a case of Pyoderma on Ozzie's face. A few weeks ago I noticed that the wrinkles around his mouth became stained with a reddish brown gunk. It didn't have much of a smell to it but looked nasty. I washed it constantly and it refused to go away. That is when we went to the vet to discover it was a bacterial infection. We were given an oral antibiotic and some medicated face wipes. Oh yes he had a bit of an infection in his right ear! Yikes! Poor Oz! So yesterday we returned for our recheck. A swab of the infected area showed that it was almost gone, but a few rods of this bacteria were hanging in there. So Ozzie is on his second round of antibiotics! He does look a lot better though and the Dr. Tracey did indicate that seasonal flora and fauna do not help this condition. It doesn't help my wallet either! Oh well Ozzie we love you and I don't need to get my hair colored and cut next week any ways!


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