Man's Best Friend Week

I just found out that the 4th week in September is National Dog Week. A time to honor man's best friend! Though I am totally unprepared for this I will try to find some impromptu ways to celebrate! In matter of fact I am taking Ozzie for his bath at Petsmart today. That can be one of the ways I can celebrate with Ozzie his wonderful canine virtues! Actually its more like a public service. Ozzie is smelling pretty gamy of late!
We were informed by one of Ozzie's doggy pals Lola, that there is a special contest opened to all dogs. It is sponsored by another pup pal Twinkie the Chihuahua. Its the "Show us your Tongue" contest. It's a tongue in cheek way to celebrate dogs! I have the perfect picture of Oz licking his chops that I will enter. I don't know if its a winner or not but it does illustrate how Ozzie gets every last morsel out of his food dish!


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