Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hot Diggity Salty Dog!

I have been away for a week in Florida so there was unfortunately no time for the blog! Ozzie was very happy to see me upon my return and of course I had to bring home many gifts for him to excuse my absence! I am always sick with worry when I leave him. Not that his care is less than top notch while I am away. He had his Pop and Grandpa doggie sitting him! I just worry that he thinks I abandoned him for some reason! All is forgotten though once I walk in that door!

While I was down there we went to a restaurant in Sarasota called The Old Salty Dog. Our friends and I had seen an episode of Man Vs. Food where Adam Richman the host, was sampling some of Sarasota's finest cuisine and happened upon this place. It is the home of the foot long Salty Dog that is deep fried in a beer batter coating and loaded up with cheese, bacon, sauerkraut...well you get the picture . I am sure it goes for about 1000 calories easily and would raise your cholesterol about 200 points! The real reason I wanted to go was for its mascot. Yup you got it! It's a bulldog. I couldn't help but resist to buy the T-shirt and the hat! Hey any place that has a picture of a bulldog on their menu has my business!
Other than that I am settled in and trying to figure what Ozzie could be for Halloween. Hmm maybe a Salty Dog costume! He already has the figure for it. I would just have to top him off with some bacon and cheese! Though he would be trying to eat his costume the whole time. Oh well I will keep giving it some thought!

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