Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally Friday and Wrinkles that are Right!

Well Ozzie survived the vet the other day! He pulled his usual standing by the door ready to make a break for it stunt! We had to trick Ozzie with a treat to get his attention away from the needle she had to jab in his back end! Oh well! Dr Tracey noted how dry Ozzie's wrinkles were and asked me how did I manage to keep them that way. She said that some of her bulldog patients have wrinkles that are practically stuck together with all the moisture and yuck that builds up in there. I admitted that I was obsessive compulsive about wiping Ozzie's face. I told her he gets his face cleaned in the morning with a unscented baby wipe with aloe and during the day I chase him around with tissues to wipe away any excess moisture. Oz has had some redness by the top corner of his left eye lately so she gave us some panalog cream to treat it with. Its an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal cream. It seem to be working well so far. I have read about this cream on line and probably should of asked my vet about it before. Though it was a little pricey at the vet's office going for 24.00 for a small tube. I saw the same size tube on Dr's Foster and Smith website for only 13.99. Even with shipping it would be less, but I believe you still need a veterinarian's prescription. I will have to check into this further.

In searching on the web for bulldog info concerning their wrinkles I found another interesting bulldog site that you might like to explore. It is Bulldog Voice, and they have some good information on BD's along with their mission to stop puppy mills and backyard breeders of bulldogs.

The temperatures are falling tonight and this weekend looks like the first cold winter like weekend that we have had so far this season. Hope everyone stays warm and enjoys all the great football games on TV just like Ozzie will right here on the couch!

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