Finally Friday and Don't Box Me In!

It seems that Ozzie has a penchant for cardboard boxes. He loves to go at them like they were a piece of sirloin, biting it to bits! Maybe Ozzie's effort at recycling cardboard? Anyways, I have discovered that other Bulldogs seem to have this same affection for tearing up boxes. Check out this particular Bulldog named Bo who after "altering'" a cardboard box tries to sit in it! Too cute!
With that I wish you all a great weekend and as for the Superbowl enjoy the game!


  1. Our home is no exception. Hudson thinks that a cardboard box is worthy of a chew-down as well. It made for a tough time when we moved with him being a young four months old. But we do love watching him take one down as though it were...well, a bull!


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