Finally Friday and Finally Some Snow!

Where my thoughts wander off to! A gal can dream, can't she!

If you told me last winter that I would be looking forward to a weekend snow storm I would of thought you were crazy! They are predicting snow in modest amounts, 1 - 3 inches in the tri-state area and Ozzie can't wait! I must admit I look forward to it in a funny way too, since there is no work to commute to and we haven't seen much of the white stuff this winter. As opposed to last winter when at this time we already had 60 inches of it! Ozzie will be able to wear his new fleece vest at last and I may give my new boots a whirl. Though I may just be forcing this moment of frosty glee to cover up my desire for sun and warmth which is months away! Oh well in the meantime I will get some pics of Ozzie romping in the snow to share with you this weekend and Jack Frost kicking me in the butt as I am shoveling snow!



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