Finally Friday and Here is Oscar!

With a big Oscar weekend celebration on the horizon Ozzie looks forward to the 84th Annual presentation of the Oscars. There is room on this year's Kodak Theater stage for more than just the usual human movie stars. There are rumors about Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier presenting if not winning an award on Oscar night. He has won nods from those in the academy after his performance in the Oscar contending picture The Artist. Uggie has already scored a Golden Collar award in 2011 for his performance. Then not to be unmentioned is Blackie the Doberman who had a feature role in the nominated film Hugo. I feel he stood out in this Scorsese movie as an up and coming star!

Canines have always been steeling scenes in films since the beginning of time and there is a great many that have made their way to stardom over the years. Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Marley, Benji just to name a few. Though Ozzie doesn't understand why there are not more Bulldogs in the movies. I agree! I can't imagine why not since they are the most photogenic breed going! Ozzie would be perfect if they did a remake of the Wizard of Oz. Though a little big in stature for the role of ToTo I think a bulldog would bring an exciting twist to the story line. After all for bulldogs there is no place like home!

Here is our best wishes for all the Oscar hopefuls on Sunday!


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